Mitigate risk.
Manage work flow.
Make homeowners happy.

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase your customers will ever make. We understand. That’s why it’s important the selection process goes smoothly and they’re satisfied every step of the way. BlueFingerprint®, along with our valuable personalization expertise, can help.

When it comes to service, our web-based software is just the start.

Our team of personalization and implementation experts brings years of construction experience to your project. We work closely with you to evaluate, select, and track upgrades for your project. From materials and pricing, to timing, and more—we help your senior living project reach its goals.

Trend analysis/offerings expertise

Personalizing is our primary focus. That means we know what customers want. We can help you identify the right materials at the right price point.

Consultation services/Recruiting a personalization manager

Managing the selection process for dozens or hundreds of units can feel overwhelming. We help you find the right person with the right skill set that can keep your project running smoothly, start to finish.

Kick-off meeting

Our team meets with yours to align on goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start.

Team member liaison

The process is complex. We help simplify it all by serving as a conduit for information between teams, gathering information and requirements.

Starting a project

After team training, your own personalization manager and key team members are ready to define the project scope and input details. Don’t have everything yet? That’s okay. Your team can easily add and edit specifics whenever details are determined.

Identify and document personalization process flow

In addition to the helpful software tool, our personalization experts partner with you to clearly define the process. This ensures your new construction, renovation, or expansion project is on time and on budget.

Technical training on software system

Our software is visual and incredibly intuitive. That makes learning it easy. We also offer the option of personally providing training on-site to walk through the entire process so you feel completely confident.

Personalization process walk-through

Taking the time to see the selection process through the homebuyer’s eyes is imperative. That’s why we offer valuable tips about how to display samples, how to use lighting, and more. And we walk through the entire process with you during a resident experience role play.

Provide continuous team support

Throughout the process, we’re here to support you through price adjustments, discontinued products, plan changes, retraining, and more.

Facilitate weekly team meetings and host web sessions

We’re continuously helping you improve your senior living project by identifying challenges and helping you solve problems that arise.

Consultation Services/Personalization Manager

Consider our team your personal Personalization Manager, the experts you turn to when you have questions. Plus, at a moment's notice we can step in and manage the entire process, if needed.

Compile construction reports

Our software tool produces robust reporting throughout the process. We’ll analyze and present these reports to your team.

wrap-up session

Our work is never done. Even after the project is completed, we host a wrap-up session to help you finalize the project. During this step, we listen to your input so we can continuously improve our process and add more value to your next project.

Have unique needs for a project?

We’re happy to work with you to develop a specialized service package.

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