Faster move-ins? Yes, please.

A simpler way to personalize your next renovation project.

Accelerate occupancy by simplifying personalization. BlueFingerprint can help.

The personalization process can bog down renovations with paperwork and miscommunication. BlueFingerprint is a proven, powerful software tool and consulting service that streamlines personalization to help you fill units quickly.

Accelerate Occupancy

  • BlueFingerprint securely stores buyer selections, generates work orders and tracks inventory to ensure your renovation is completed on time and within budget.
  • BlueFingerprint serves as the official place of record for buyer selections, which is also a binding contract. It includes specific details about materials, prices and timing.
  • Our powerful software tool also serves as a 24/7 web-based communication hub for you, your project manager, your contractor, and their subcontractors to minimize miscommunication and ensure timely move-ins.

In addition to our proven software, you’ll get expert support throughout your project from our team of construction, marketing and personalization experts.

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