Rose Villa


Rose Villa


Rose Villa is an expansive Life Plan Community located on 22-acres overlooking the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Their mantra, their fundamental mission, is to support older adults to live the life of their own choosing. It’s reflected in everything they do and in their commitment to helping seniors live their best, fullest lives. Rose Villa’s core values — open-mindedness, authenticity, curiosity, collectivity — are at the heart of everything they do for their residents and staff, and permeate all aspects of life at Rose Villa. BlueFingerprint shares those same values, maybe that is why we have been such a great fit for Rose Villa over the past decade.

PROJECT stats:

Year Completed: 2019

Total Number of Units: 117

Number of Selections Made: 5,061

Average Upgrade Costs by Unit: $7,673.21

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People Are Saying

McGeorge (Mac) Caradine

LEED AP with Linkous Construction

“I have enjoyed working with BlueFingerprint over the last three years. It was a lifesaver to keep track of all the finishes and changes.”

Natalee D’Antoni

Personalization Manager, RiverWoods Durham 

“BlueFingerprint was reliable, efficient and easy resource to keep all of the project’s personalizations in order.”

Mark Schoedel

VP of Construction and Capital Projects, Lutheran Senior Services

“Having an online inventory system which can be accessed by marketing, maintenance and operations will save us up to two hours per unit.” 

Kip Patterson

Project Manager, Pence Construction

“The BlueFingerprint system has been a tremendous help in coordinating what selections the owner(s) want and how to convey that information to the various project stakeholders (subcontractors, etc.) while also managing the additional costs for various items.”