Mitigate risk? Marvelous.

Perfectly efficient personalization for renovation projects.

BlueFingerprint can help you mitigate risk and ensure project success.

Renovation projects with multiple units and multiple buyers is complex. (And that’s an understatement.) BlueFingerprint, a proven software tool and consulting service, can help you streamline every step of the personalization process — which helps you mitigate risk — from start to finish.

Mitigate Risks

  • BlueFingerprint is a web-based software tool that provides one official record of buyer’s selections that becomes a binding contract.
  • It serves as a 24/7 communication hub that that all service providers can use to complete the build accurately and efficiently.
  • BlueFingerprint offers your project manager an easy way to set and adjust prices for materials as needed.
  • The powerful tool tracks inventory costs as well as the profitability of each unit so you can be sure your project is on track.

Beyond the innovative software, our team of construction, marketing and personalization experts provide continuous support through price adjustments, plan changes and more.

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