New build? Here's a new idea.

Personalize new construction without the paperwork.

BlueFingerprint accelerates move-ins, enhances the buyer experience and helps you mitigate risk.

Personalizing dozens (or even hundreds) of units can get complicated, but it’s also where you have the most opportunity to leverage upgrades. We can help.

BlueFingerprint is a proven, powerful software tool and consulting service that simplifies the personalization process for you, your project manager, the buyer, and your contractor — so you can get units back on the market faster.

Use BlueFingerprint to:

  • Accelerate Occupancy by serving as the official place of record for buyer selections, and acting as a communication hub to keep all service providers on schedule and within budget.
  • Enhance the buyer’s experience by offering clear choices with transparent pricing so buyers are confident they’ll get exactly what they ordered.
  • Mitigate risks by tracking inventory costs and the profitability of each unit, as well providing a way to adjust prices, as needed.

Before, during, and after your build, you’ll be supported by our team of construction, marketing and personalization experts who will work to ensure that your project maintains maximum cash flow with minimum worry.

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